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Anthromob Workshop

On June 1st and 2nd 2017, the international workshop “Anthropocene Mobilities – The Politics of Movement in an Age of Change” took place at the University of Hamburg.

The workshop organized by Delf Rothe (IFSH) and Christiane Fröhlich (University of Hamburg) brought together scholars working in the field of environmentally-induced migration with theoretical thinkers of the Anthropocene. The workshop initiated a fruitful dialogue on the implications of the Anthropocene for human and non-human mobilities. A special issue to be published by Mobilities in 2019 as well as an interactive web platform ( are the preliminary results of these discussions.

Paper A Tale of Two Camps

Delf Rothe presented the paper A Tale of Two Camps: Remote sensing migration and the securitization of physical disorder in refugee camps at the ISA Annual Convention 2018 in San Francisco.

The paper that Delf co-authored with his colleagues Christiane Fröhlich (GIGA Hamburg) and Miguel Rodriguez-Lopez (University of Hamburg) discusses the merits and pitfalls of remote sensing methodologies in the study of refugee camps. The paper was part of a panel on Sensing the Global: The Role of Satellite Technology in the Making of Global Actors, Practices, and Rules that brought together scholars working on satellite remote sensing with practitioners and satellite image analysts.

The draft paper is available upon request.

New Publication

Global Security in a Posthuman Age? IR and the Anthropocene Challenge.

Delf Rothe published a chapter in the recent edited volume Reflections on the Posthuman in International Relations: The Anthropocene, Security and Ecology edited by Clara Eroukhmanoff and Matt Harker. Rothe’s chapter discusses the implications of the Anthropocene for global security and the discipline of International Relations. The volume is available in paperback and as open access E-book

Violent Climate Imaginaries (VICTIM)

Delf Rothe (IFSH) and Johannes Stripple (University of Lund) receive a seed funding grant by the Universtität Hamburg and the University of Lund

The seed funding was granted to establish an interdisciplinary research network on the topic of Violent Climate Imaginaries: Science – Fiction – Politics. The interdisciplinary project VICTIM studies how ‚violent climate imaginaries‘ are produced and circulated in science, popular culture, and security politics. It asks how stories of dangerous climate change travel between these domains and how they influence policy-makers and practitioners.

A first project-workshop with participants of both universities is going to take place on February 11th-12th 2019 at the IFSH Hamburg.

New Blog Post

Making the Invisible Visible​: Satellites, Visual Technologies and Environmental Security, post by Delf Rothe at the Security Dialogue Author’s Blog, posted December 10, 2017.

The blog post offers a brief and accessible summary of Delf Rothe’s recent article in Security Dialogue, Seeing like a Satellite: Remote Sensing and the Ontological Politics of Environmental Security. It traces how the understanding of environmental security co-evolved in line with technological developments in the field of satellite technologies. The latest stage of this development is the emergence of geospatial big data as a new form of preventing and governing future environmental threats and risks.


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